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6 Qs To Help You Create a Bespoke Programme That Stands Out And Sells

I KNOW you have so much potential, special gifts and talents within you, something incredibly unique to share with the world…
But maybe you don’t know how to bring it out of you, define it, package it or price it.
I get it. I’ve been there.
I remember many years ago when I struggled with what my ‘dream programme’ would look like, my price-points and it felt overwhelming.
Now one of my favourite things that I love to do in my biz (apart from coaching amazing clients) is creating programmes that I know my clients will love, will experience amazing results… and will sell.
It’s because I got clear on these essential 6 steps:
> My USP – where my passion and specialisms lie, where I excel.
> The clients I most love to work with and where they get stuck.
> The results they truly want and how to get them from A to B.
> How I can help unblock resistance and unlock their brilliance.
And essentially…
> The kind of programme that lit me up and I was excited to create, design and deliver (when I’m lit up, they get the best of me!).
> The value of my programmes, my gifts and talents – because of that, I’m solid in my price-points.
As a service-based female entrepreneur, one of the smartest things you can do is to package your gifts in a unique way that has you signing up clients and standing out in your field.
Yet creating a bespoke programme is definitely NOT a one-size fit’s all.
It starts by first getting intimate with the kind of package that would totally light you up and is in alignment with YOU!
Just this week, I helped a client of mine create not just one bespoke package but TWO! She nailed her price-points for both AND came up with some super hot names, so they’re easier to sell!
We did this in ONE session, by getting to the heart of how she most loves to work, (we explored the bigger picture), what she’d most love to create, how long she likes to work with a client, the price-points that felt most in alignment with her and BOOM! She left crystal clear, on fire and ready to go!
Now it’s your turn:
1) What is your USP – where does your specialisms and passion lie, where do you excel?
2)  What clients do you most love to work with and where do they get stuck?
3) What are the results that they truly want and what’s your path to get them from A to B?
4) How I can help unblock resistance and unlock their success/confidence/brilliance etc?
5) What kind of service or programme would you most LOVE to create, design and deliver?
6) Are you clear on the value of your services? The true value of your gifts and talents and solid in your price-points?
Sometimes it’s the little tweaks that make all the difference and sometimes it’s about playing around with ideas that light you up to create a Win Win for you and your clients.
If you’re struggling to figure it out all on your own, or sell a programme, this month I’m opening up 3 x free CLARITY CALLS!
During this 45-min call, we’ll DIVE DEEP in your business, explore where you are, where you want to be, pinpoint the (inner and outer) blocks that keep you stuck and the best way forward to unlock your brilliance! PM me for deets.

Become The Woman Who Achieves Her Vision

✨ Remember that vision you have and who you dream of becoming? ✨

I believe every woman has a unique vision that’s meant for her, a purpose.

Yet sometimes we can get in our way, get stuck in our heads, then stuck in paralysis.
Some days you might be full of self-belief and showing up ON FIRE!!

… Then consumed with self-doubt and holding yourself back, wondering, “Is this ever going to happen?!”

This morning, I got my dose of Monday inspo reading Eckhart Tolle and just loved this…
“Don’t let a mad world tell you that success is anything other than a successful present moment.”

A great reminder that success is not a future event, it’s who we choose to BE in this moment.

We can all get caught up in future-tripping, and it just holds us back. So if that happens it’s a chance to remind yourself that…

Your power, (happiness and sanity!) is ALWAYS in the present moment.

So let’s start this week grounded and present.

✨ Breathing in clarity, calm and strength.
✨ And breathing out: anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm.
Now tune into your VISION…

Breathe it in. Step into it.

👉 If you were to lean into your vision what small step could you take in bringing it to life this week?

👉 How will you share your beautiful gifts and talents, this week?

👉 Leaning into your vision of YOU, what qualities will you embody more of this week?

Share in the comments, I’d love to know!👇

Set Yourself Up for Success: Mindful Morning Routines and Daily Habits!


How we choose to start our day and the daily habits we cultivate, set the tone for the rest of our day!

Taking some time for yourself, before diving into your work day, is essential not just for your energy, focus and productivity but for your wellbeing.

Maintaining my high-vibes is key to running my business, showing up for my clients, being there for my family so I make this is a non-negotiable.

My gift for myself each day (once I’ve dropped my daughters off to school) is to enjoy a long walk or run around my favourite park before I work on a creative project, do my marketing or work with a client.
I move my body, soak in the beauty of nature (I mean look at these Autumn leaves! 💖), feed my soul and I’m filled up, ready to give my best and it’s feels like such a win for me.

When you envision the most radiant version of you, and how she starts her day, shows up in her life and business, and how she interacts with people…

🍁 What is her morning routine?

🍁 What are the daily habits that are a non-negotiable for her, in supporting her to be her most healthy, happy, vibrant, most productive and successful version of herself?

🍁 What daily mantra does she affirm to herself at the start, and throughout the day?

I’d LOVE to hear them! Please share in the comments!