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7 Sure Signs You Were Born To Be A Mumpreneur

Are you fed up of feeling like you’re giving the best of you to your job, leaving you with little time and energy to play with your kids, or have time for you and your partner?

Perhaps you imagine what it would be like to work for yourself doing what you love with the freedom and flexibility to create a schedule that fits you? So that you get to do the school runs and be there at their school plays (without having to ask for permission!).

If you haven’t yet made the switch from employee to entrepreneur (you feel the urge to break free but haven’t yet given yourself full permission) or maybe you have, then read my 7 Sure Signs You Were Born To Be A Mumpreneur.

On my journey to becoming a mumpreneur, there were SO many signs along the road that the 9-5pm was not a good fit: the long commutes, the office politics, the rigid rules, the mediocre wage, the narcissistic boss, the list goes on…

However, it wasn’t until I had my first daughter that my priorities changed BIG time and I made it a non-negotiable to start my own business.

WHY? Because I wanted the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that I chose, where I could express my creativity in so many ways, work with people I love, make money without having a limit on what I could earn and most importantly – I didn’t want to miss out on the early years, I wanted to experience every stage of my daughter (now daughters) growing up.

While it took a while for me to get my business off the ground and overcome the ‘Imposter Syndrome’, settling for an easy but soul-sucking path was never an option for me.

In case you’re wondering whether the entrepreneurial path is meant for you, here are my top 7 Sure-Signs That You Were Born To Be A Mumpreneur:

1) You’re an independent woman who (doesn’t like being told what to do) and likes to live life on her own terms! You yearn to work in a way that’s spontaneous and gives you the freedom to do things your own way.

2) While you love being a mum, you’re a woman with BIG dreams, a lot of creative ideas (which may have been undervalued in the workplace!) maybe you even stay up at night wondering how you can fulfil your potential. You love to imagine what running a thriving biz from home would be like and live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of and think of all the ways that it could happen (although you may still hold yourself back).

3) The thought of being stuck on the 9-5pm treadmill, having to put up with bitchy co-workers, office politics and gossip fills you with dread. You dream of choosing your own hours so you never have to ask your boss’ permission to take a morning off to see your daughter’s play or do the school run.

4) You take a stand for the AND and yearn to have a life-work balance where you actually have time to take good care of yourself and not have to choose between lunch or a Zumba or Pilates class. Where you have the time to make your morning green juice and healthy lunches so you can look and feel your best and still have energy at the end of the day to play with your kids.

5) You’re the kind of woman that doesn’t like to settle, which may mean you don’t often take the easy road. You’re driven, ambitious and like to succeed. You like to challenge yourself and probably have a tendency to push yourself out of your comfort zone, try new things and are not averse to taking the odd risk.

6) You long to be financially free. In your mind you’ve already bought that dream family house with the huge garden, the luxury wardrobe and holiday home in the South of France…. your bucket list keeps getting longer!

7) You sense you have a deeper purpose and a unique gift although it may still be unclear to you exactly what it is but what you do know is that you want to make a BIGGER impact and make a difference in the world and that nagging feeling doesn’t go away.

Does this sound like you? Are you SO ready to make the switch from employee to entrepreneur but lack the clarity, confidence and strategy to do it?

Or are you already a mumpreneur who’s struggling to get your business off the ground, unclear and lacking confidence in your biz, not taking the action you know you need to take to take your business to a new level?

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The #1 reason you’re not reaching your goal (and how to change it!)

A few weeks ago, I took time to reflect on the goals I set myself in 2017 and while I felt satisfied with what I’d achieved, I also made a note of the goals that I ‘didn’t have time’ for.

(Yes, even as a coach I have to hold myself accountable to my own excuses!)

Have you ever said to yourself, “This is the year I’m going to…”

• Change my career
• Make more money
• Start writing that book
• Start my own business
• Wake up earlier
• Eat better
• Exercise more
• Travel more
• Get back into shape
• Have a better work/life balance

But by the end of the year you’re still stuck in the same place, the same old job, still struggling to pay the bills, still going to bed late, not sticking to a healthy eating plan, not exercising enough, not happy with your body, still not writing that book or travelling the world, feeling overworked and overwhelmed with little time for yourself, your family or a to enjoy a more vibrant social life.

Then you may be making this common mistake:

You’re not making your dream a non-negotiable!

When you ‘allow’ other things (or people) get in the way of you pursuing your goals, then you’re saying to yourself (at a subconscious level) that your dreams don’t matter.

If you’ve found yourself keep setting the same goal and not achieving it, then you’ve got to:

1) Take a good, honest look at where you may be letting things slide or giving your power away.

2) Take back control by making a very important decision: to put you and your dreams first!

Unless you decide that your goal matters and then create a schedule and commit to make it happen – it’s not going to happen.

You’ve got to make time for you and your goal and most importantly commit to it being non-negotiable.

That means scheduling it in your calendar and not compromising on it. It means using that time to take action and move towards it whether you feel like it or not.

Only you can make your dreams happen and that means taking full accountability of what you desire, what you need and how you’re going to get the support you need to make it happen.

• What are the ‘reasons’ you haven’t reached your goal?

• Where in your life could you take more accountability?

• What boundaries do you need to set?

• What conversations and with who, might you need to have to make that happen?

• What extra support do you need to create more time for you? (Hire a cleaner, a babysitter, a VA, a coach/mentor)

If you would like to move your life or career in a new direction and are interested to find out how one-on-one coaching sessions can help you make 2018 the year you achieved your dream – then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


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