Established successful photography business

Success story: Baz

Before: Baz worked in photography for over 25 years but had reached a point in his career where he wanted to take it to another level. He no longer wanted to take generic photos and be ‘all things to all people.’ He had a unique style and wanted to set himself apart from other photographers. He felt it was time to fulfil his dream of building a specialised photography business that had a clear brand identity and purpose but he wasn’t sure which direction to take or how he would take it forward.

After: Baz re-shaped his thinking and his business and launched Reporter – reportage photography that specialises in corporate brand shoots, corporate events and Red Carpet VIP/celebrity events. He gained clarity by focusing on building his business around his unique skills and distinct edgier style. By doing this Baz created an authentic brand that reflected his passion, personality and values. This now helps him attract work from like-minded clients and achieve greater success in his business by focusing on his key strengths and doing what he loves most – taking pictures that tell stories.

“I had the pleasure of working with Chloé during a transitional period in my career. She helped blank out the ‘noise’ and unravel the inner ‘truths’ by de-cluttering my thinking. This is very empowering and motivating. 

Chloé has the unique and natural ability to effortlessly help you find the answers dormant within – thereby informing and guiding a positive way forward. In short, if you want a successful career and positive lifestyle – get in touch with Chloé.”

Barry Seal
Founder of Reporter