Finding his true calling

Success story: Michael 

Before: Michael, a wellness consultant selling Nikken health products, wanted to take his business to a higher level but was frustrated that he wasn’t getting the financial results that he wanted despite the time and energy he put in. He wanted to generate a higher income and achieve the financial freedom that would enable him to create the lifestyle that he desired and to enjoy it with his family. He was keen to learn what he could do to improve his business and also to understand what was holding him back from the success he truly desired.

After: During the coaching journey, Michael discovered his true calling as a Civil Ceremony Creator where he conducts bespoke ceremonies, vow renewals and funerals. Since setting up Vows That Wow, he has had a flow of recommendations and regular work and his business is growing from strength to strength. His Nikken business also improved and is an additional income to his core business. By recognising and aligning his true strengths and skills with his core values and purpose, Michael was able to create the financial success and work/life balance he desired doing what he does best.

“In the time I have worked with Chloé I have become infinitely more confident and (as a result) more competent. Not only have I begun to realise my potential but, thanks to Chloe’s wise questions, I have found answers myself to the issues that have been holding me back.

Chloé has been a pleasure to work with – so cheerful and supportive and, necessarily, patient – and I am delighted that my business has never been so successful. I am sure it will continue to develop now. Thank you, Chloé!

Michael Gordon