Move up the career ladder and greater independence

Success Story: Paul

Before: Paul worked part-time as a web design intern at a small design company, hoping they’d offer a full-time role with more responsibility and a better salary. However, he found the work environment dull and uninspiring and felt unable to express his potential. This impacted on his motivation, energy and creativity. He was underpaid and had to take on second job to support himself financially. Paul wanted to work in a more vibrant setting where he could stretch himself and develop his design skills.

After: Paul realised that he wanted more: he saw himself working in a larger and more vibrant company where he could develop and grow as a designer and earning more money. He broke his vision down into mini milestones. He created a project to showcase his best design work and applied for jobs that he wanted. He secured a full-time position as a Graphic Designer at a renowned broadcasting company that operates channels on Sky, FreeSat and FreeView, which meant he could let go of his second job. He now enjoys working as head of a dynamic team, earning a good salary and with a more independent lifestyle.

“I have just finished a life-coaching programme with Chloé and I’m delighted with the results. I found it amazing how much I learned about myself from the sessions. Chloé has a number of tools and techniques that seemed to bring the best out of me and as a result my working career has reached a whole new level.

Our journey together was fun, informative and highly valuable. Chloé’s vibrant, positive natured personality and enthusiasm are some of her best qualities as a coach. I would highly recommend Chloé to anyone who requires a bit of a helping hand in any facet of their lives.”

Paul Jones
Graphic Designer