New career direction, thriving blog and family life

Success story: Emma

Before: Emma was feeling overwhelmed trying to manage her new role as a mum, her relationship and career. She recently discovered her son had some serious food allergies and it was causing her anxiety. Her priorities were changing and she was at a crossroads in her career, unclear which direction she wanted to take professionally. She also wanted a better balance between her life, career and relationship.

After: Emma decided to take her career in a whole new direction and started a new blog, which has since developed into an award-winning blog Free From Farmhouse. She has created a thriving community through her blog sharing home-cooked family gluten free recipes with other mum’s who have children with serious food allergies. In line with her vision, Emma has since had another baby and created the perfect balance between her career, relationship and growing family and country life. As a result of the coaching sessions Emma now feels calmer and more focused.

“Chloe gave me some coaching sessions shortly after I had my first child. She helped me break down what I was feeling by asking insightful questions and making me focus on what was important to me. She is very understanding and approachable and never makes you feel judged. I found our sessions very helpful, especially creating my visualisation and taking a positive step towards how I wanted to resolve my situation. As this exercise is so specific and vivid it really brings your goals to life. My sessions with Chloe led me to start my blog which has been an important part of my life ever since and has helped me deal with the anxiety I feel about my son’s serious allergies. 

Two years on I suddenly realised I had achieved my visualisation from our sessions. I was driving the car in my picture, now filled with a son and daughter, was balancing work and family life successfully and my blog was thriving. Chloe is able to tap into what you need and make subtle shifts that can help you change direction and achieve things you didn’t even realise you wanted. I feel calmer and more focused thanks to our sessions and it is a great feeling to know that I created a goal and reached it. I now feel excited about the future and my achieving my next visualisation.”


Emma Jones

Founder of Free From Farmhouse