Success Stories

Reflect, Review and Release Qs: helping you get the MOST out of 2019

As we come to the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on what this year was about for you: what were your biggest achievements, challenges, insights and key learning experiences.

Who did you become in the process?

It’s essential for our growth, as we leave one year and move into another, that we reap ALL the benefits and gifts, not only from our successes but from our failures too.
This is true growth and how we develop in strength, character, in our personal lives and in our businesses.

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New career direction, thriving blog and family life

Success story: Emma

Before: Emma was feeling overwhelmed trying to manage her new role as a mum, her relationship and career. She recently discovered her son had some serious food allergies and it was causing her anxiety. Her priorities were changing and she was at a crossroads in her career, unclear which direction she wanted to take professionally. She also wanted a better balance between her life, career and relationship.

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Lost 40 lbs and gained 40% more income

Success story: Angelina

Before: Angelina, a HR Administrator and married mother of three, was fed up with her job. She felt overworked and undervalued but didn’t know whether she should continue working her way up or leave altogether. She regularly worked overtime with little time or energy for herself, her family or exercise and it was affecting her general wellbeing and self-confidence. Continue reading

Established successful photography business

Success story: Baz

Before: Baz worked in photography for over 25 years but had reached a point in his career where he wanted to take it to another level. He no longer wanted to take generic photos and be ‘all things to all people.’ He had a unique style and wanted to set himself apart from other photographers. He felt it was time to fulfil his dream of building a specialised photography business that had a clear brand identity and purpose but he wasn’t sure which direction to take or how he would take it forward.

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Finding his true calling

Success story: Michael 

Before: Michael, a wellness consultant selling Nikken health products, wanted to take his business to a higher level but was frustrated that he wasn’t getting the financial results that he wanted despite the time and energy he put in. He wanted to generate a higher income and achieve the financial freedom that would enable him to create the lifestyle that he desired and to enjoy it with his family. He was keen to learn what he could do to improve his business and also to understand what was holding him back from the success he truly desired.

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Move up the career ladder and greater independence

Success Story: Paul

Before: Paul worked part-time as a web design intern at a small design company, hoping they’d offer a full-time role with more responsibility and a better salary. However, he found the work environment dull and uninspiring and felt unable to express his potential. This impacted on his motivation, energy and creativity. He was underpaid and had to take on second job to support himself financially. Paul wanted to work in a more vibrant setting where he could stretch himself and develop his design skills.

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