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Are you fed up of feeling stuck in your business, going round in circles with no clear direction or purpose?

Perhaps you feel anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed as you’re juggling SO much.

Maybe you feel frustrated as you keep hitting an inner-glass ceiling, NOT making the money you want and are struggling to take your business to the next level?


Yet, imagine for a moment if you could…

> Feel back in control, totally EMPOWERED, on FIRE and on purpose in your business!

> Make money with ease and work ONLY with DREAM clients

> Enjoy a work-life balance that supports your in being your best, up-level your business with joy AND have quality time with the ones you love (as well as valuable self-care time for YOU!)


Hi, I’m Chloé and I’m a Transformational Success Coach and mumpreneur. My passion and mission is showing driven and creative female entrepreneurs how to UP-LEVEL and breakthrough in their biz and create a work/life balance that enables them to thrive, by:

> Getting crystal clear on their unique VISION.

> Stepping fully into their POWER.

> Owning their VALUE.

With my expert and intuitive guidance and mentoring, cutting edge coaching, NLPenergy healing tools and my unconditional support every step of the way – on my Bespoke Transformational Programme you’ll:

> Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on your Business PURPOSE and tap into your unique VISION.

> Discover your CORE VALUES to ALIGN your business with your dream lifestyle.

> Create a STREAMLINED SCHEDULE to help you leverage your time and energy and create a lifestyle balance so you’re more productive, focused and ONLY do what you love and spend quality time with the people you love (as well as enjoy plenty of ‘ME-time’)

> PINPOINT the specific areas of your business that need an UPLEVEL and TRANSFORM them by creating a customised step-by-step STRATEGY FOR SUCCESS.

> Clear out and HEAL the SUBCONSCIOUS INNER-BLOCKS that keep you playing small so you can step into your most empowered, on purpose and on fire YOU!

> Cultivate your WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS so you hit your financial goals with ease and work ONLY with DREAM clients.


My story…

The reason I’m so passionate about helping women, like you, is because I struggled for YEARS to get my biz off the ground. The frustrating thing was that I knew I had a gift – my clients were transforming their lives and careers as a result of working with me – but I’d have a flurry of clients and none for months!

It felt impossible to make the breakthrough and sustain success in my coaching business. Especially as I was juggling it all with being a mum – it was exhausting!

I learned that have a passion and a gift was NOT enough.

On my journey seeking answers, delving deeper into transformational personal development, healing, clearing limiting beliefs/patterns around money, breaking through old family paradigms, my inner-blocks and developing my expertise in coaching, NLP and EFT, I learned tools, business strategies and spiritual insights that completely turned it around for me.

After years of what felt like trying and hitting yet another brick wall, I finally discovered a way to build a successful business without having to sacrifice what and who were most important to me.

I learned how to work smarter, not harder and quadruple my income doing what I loved whilst still having time to be a hands-on mum and have a lifestyle that filled me up!

It led me to create a bespoke system and structure that not only enabled me to build a profitable business I love, through referrals and no marketing!! It helped my clients transform their lives and businesses too!

The reason I share this is to show you that if I can do it, so can you!

I LOVE the freedom my business now provides for me and I’m here to show you how you can too!


Book your FREE 45-60 min CLARITY CALL TODAY!

As a transformational coach, I’ll help you breakthrough what keeps you stuck so you’re free to recreate the life and business that’s in alignment and harmony with who you are and confidently step into the most EMPOWERED version of you!

Stop settling. YOU deserve to live a life full of purpose and passion and earn good money doing what you love! Book a complimentary Clarity Call today via my contact page, where we’ll:

> Explore your short-term and long-term goals

> Pinpoint the obstacles that have been keeping you stuck

> Explore your potential and possibilities for you THIS YEAR!


Fusing Coaching, NLP and Energy Therapy

I combine Coaching and Energy healing (Emotional Freedom Technique) in a unique way so you can clear the inner-blocks, mental noise and emotional overwhelm that keeps you stuck so you’re free to explore new possibilities.

FREE Discovery Session

If you’re serious about investing in your personal growth and making changes in your life and career then this Discovery Session is a great opportunity for you to explore:

  • Where you are right now
  • Where you want to be
  • What's holding you back
  • How we can work together
In this 45-minute complimentary session, you’ll be able to determine whether my programme is right for you, whether I’m the right coach for you and identify your next steps whether you decide to coach with me or not.

work with me

Discovery Session (45 minutes - see above)

Analysis of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs to tailor the programme for you.

12 NLP Coaching weekly Skype Sessions (75 mins) include:

  • Create an inspiring vision to unlock your creative potential and inner power
  • Design a 12-month implementation plan
  • Map out your milestones and structure your success
  • Explore your unique gifts, strengths and best work environments for you
  • Leverage your purpose, passion and impact
  • Discover your Values Blueprint to make authentic choices in your life and career
  • Cultivate your confidence with a mental makeover
  • Release your inner-blocks and quiet your inner critic
  • Reflect and review your progress, integrate key insights and take inspired action steps
  • Create a sustainable plan to maintain optimum results and set a new vision in motion for the next 12 months

PLUS a 3-hour EFT Intensive that you can use to:

  • Consciousness Cleanse: Replace the limiting beliefs that hold you back with ones that empower you
  • Energy Re-balance: restore mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Emotional Release: Heal from past events or issues

Personalised assignments to complete in-between sessions

Gain access to my most effective tools and techniques

Email Support in-between sessions

Post-Coaching follow-up Session (30 minutes)


Payment plan:
1st payment £2,000 then 2 payments of £750

work with me
  • Reflect and gain perspective on all areas of your life.
  • Identify the positive changes you need to make.
  • Create a powerful vision of where you want to be in 6 or 12 months.
  • Get inspired and motivated to take action and start moving in the right direction.
  • Personalised written overview of the session
  • Post-Coaching Session follow-up call to check you’re on track.

work with me

My mini-package can include either three sessions of each, or a combination of the following:

  • Coaching
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Perfect for new clients who want to experience the powerful benefits of these therapeutic personal growth tools.