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~ Do you desire to get your business to the next level but lack CRYSTAL CLARITY on your VISION or feel OVERWHELMED because you don’t know how to get there.  


~ Is SELF-DOUBT holding you back when it comes to OWNING your WORTH, CONFIDENTLY charging for your services and making consistent income in your business every month?


~ Do you know you’re playing small but are scared of STEPPING UP in a bigger way, taking BOLD ACTION and SHINING?


I know what it’s like to hit up against limiting SET-POINTS, especially when you know you’re smart, you have so much potential and just want to breakthrough to your next level. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re ambitious and have a lot of drive!


Yet imagine for a moment if you could


~ Be SO INSPIRED by your CRYSTAL CLEAR VISION that you become unstoppable in your PURPOSE.


~ SHOW up CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED and MAGNETIC in your business, as the female entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of being.


~ Hit your monthly MONEY GOALS because you’ve ALIGNED your MINDSET, ENERGY and STRATEGY.


~ STEP into the NEXT LEVEL version of you with ease because you shed the old stories, limiting beliefs and healed old wounds that kept you stuck playing safe and small.


~ LIVE the LIFESTYLE that totally lights you up and supports you in balancing business and enjoying a nurturing lifestyle that enables you to be in your most empowered FEMININE energy living passionately and as the VIBRANT woman you were born to be! 


On my Bespoke Signature Coaching Programme, which is specifically designed for you and where you are in your business, you’ll receive an Elite Level of coaching that is high touch (you’ll feel unconditionally held and supported every step of the way) that is truly transformational. I work with my clients on two levels:



On my programme, we’ll start by getting crystal clear on your Vision, Strategy, Business Model, USP, Mindset and more that will support you and your business to scale with ease. 


(You’ll experience High-Level Coaching & Business Mentoring from me every step of the way)



Your DEEP TRANSFORMATION will unfold as we’ll identify the deep subconscious blocks that keep you stuck at certain set-points, and we’ll clear them rapidly along the way, so that in each session you’ll feel liberated to keep stepping into the most EMPOWERED, MAGNETIC and ON FIRE version of yourself.


(I’ll use EFT, NLP & Chakra Mastery intuitively and sensitively to zone in and help you rapidly shift life-long blocks and emotional traumas).


As a Business & Success Coach, with over a decade of experience coaching women, running masterminds, training with some of the best Business Mentors and Coaches, Spiritual teachers and Healers, I’ll zone in on your BLINDSPOTS so you can transform your blocks into your biggest breakthroughs.


Doing the deep transformational mindset, alignment and healing work is as essential as delving into your Business and working on your Vision, Business Strategy, Money Goals and nailing your unique USP or Bespoke Signature offerings/programmes (if you’re service-based) which are areas that I specialise in helping women entrepreneurs with.


It is my passion helping creative and ambitious women in business, like you, step into the most empowered and magnetic version of yourself, create soul-aligned success in your business and get the breakthrough in your money, business and lifestyle.


Are you READY to UP-LEVEL your BUSINESS, your INCOME and BECOME the woman you DESIRE and DESERVE to be?




During the Clarity Call we’ll:

> Explore your short-term and long-term goals

> Pinpoint the obstacles that have been keeping you stuck

> Explore your potential and possibilities for 2022!




work with me
  • Achieve breakthrough clarity in this deep-dive exploration into where you are and want to be.
  • Identify the specific blocks that hold you back and the areas you want to transform.
  • Tap into your subconscious and connect with your soul-inspired Vision.
  • Activate a new level of self-motivation to take action.
  • Receive a designed write up of your Vision to connect with daily.

£500 Pay in full

Book a free Clarity Call if you’re ready to
kick-start your transformation!

work with me intensive program

This transformational programme is designed for ambitious women in business who are ready to radically up-level, achieve breakthrough results and play a much bigger game!

You have a unique purpose and service to bring to the world.

I’m here to help you get clear on what that is and:

  • Connect and align with your most inspired VISION.
  • Create a soul-aligned STRATEGY to help you achieve it (and have fun on the journey!)
  • TRANSFORM self-doubt to owning your worth and 10 x your CONFIDENCE and MAGNETISM!
  • Create greater SUCCESS in your life, money and biz!

You’ll receive my unconditional support every step of the way as I help you transform your biggest blindspots into breakthroughs.

It includes:

90-min Breakthrough Clarity Intensive

In this powerful intensive we’ll deep dive into all areas of your life, pinpoint the blocks that keep you stuck and get crystal clear on your vision.

16 x 1:1 Coaching sessions

Every week we’ll meet for our private 1:1 calls on zoom where we’ll work on your mindset, alignment, strategy and goals and shift your inner-blocks so you’re on fire.

Access and extra support inbetween sessions

You’ll have access to me in-between sessions if you have any question or need extra support.

Completion & Celebration session

We’ll reflect on your incredible journey and growth, create a sustainable plan for the next 12-months and celebrate your wins.

Pay in full £7500
or Payment Plan £1300 x 6

Book a free Clarity Call if you’re ready to
make it happen!

work with me

This is the ultimate high-vibe experience where quantum leaps happen.

If you’re looking for FAST TRACK success in your life, biz or money then my Luxury VIP day is designed for you.

During this full-day private 1:1 intensive with me, you’ll receive my undivided attention and expertise to help you heal, transform and up-level fast.

Held in a private room at a luxury Hotel, we’ll have the whole-day to deep-dive into your life and business, whether it’s nailing your strategy, creating an offering that’s irresistible to your clients, healing your money blocks and leaving with a strategy to up-level in a bigger way, this day is totally devoted to you and what you want to achieve.

It includes:

  • A welcome packet and pre-VIP Day call to tailor the day to you.
  • A welcome breakfast 15-min coffee and pastries to map out the day.
  • A full day of private 1:1 high-level coaching or healing with me (or a combination of both) to up-level and transform specific areas of your life or biz.
  • A delicious lunch together and an afternoon tea break.
  • A 30-min post VIP Day follow-up.

All inclusive £3500. Pay in full.

Book a free Clarity Call if you’re ready to
quantum leap in your transformation!